Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Billions of Dead Things

Mom and I helped out with a vacation Bible school this past week.

It was so fun! We, along with Brenna and Quinn, did puppets each night.

Mom and I helped with the craft time.

The parents were strongly encouraged to stay and help out there kiddo.

Some were able to stay. It was neat to watch them interact with their kids:)
The week was a creation themed Bible school.
We made "fossils" with plaster.

They also got to paint their fossils.

It was a blessing getting to see these ladies for the whole week!

One unsuccessful experiment involved gummies and jello.

It didn't turn out very yummy:)

Another craft was dinosaur puzzles.

Some were harder than others. I helped these two sweethearts.

We played balloon games, had a pinata one evening and revived the fabulous game of "Bippity, bippity, bop."

The best part was watching the kids catch on to the truth of God's word.

"Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water...all over the earth."


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  1. Jessica11:51 PM

    Great pictures Alyssa! I still have that song in my head! : )