Friday, May 27, 2011

A Tree

I love this time of year.

Yes the rain is cold and dreary, but the results are fabulous.

How else would the rolling hills become green?!

Anywho...this post is about this tree.

Isn't it a loverly tree? Every time I drive by it I say, "Isn't that a beautiful tree?"

It's true ask my mom;)
Last week I drove by it everyday for VBS.
One day I was early and had some time to kill.
So I approached the tree and took its picture.
See, it is even pretty from the other side!
My cousin Derek will probably tease me for writing about a tree.
But, I must appeal to his artistic side and do it anyway.

Look at it out there, a striking figure against the barren fields.

I think it will look just as striking when it is surrounded by corn though.

One last shot:)

Thank you for posing for me, tree.



  1. Sheree11:35 AM

    yep, every single time!

  2. Alissa,

    I LOVE this tree! Great shots! And, yes--Nebraska IS green right now--wow!

    The tree reminds me of Psalm 1, one of my favorite psalms. Actually, my whole office at work (until I just tore it down) had pictures of trees on the walls becuase of the how beautiful they are and how they remind me of Psalm 1.

    Anyways, love you and hope you're having a great day!