Monday, May 02, 2011

Visor Pattern Baldness?

I really do like my hair, but I never thought I was too proud or vain about it.

I love that it is a unique color. I have taken a new look at how I feel about my hair.

Back in January as I was doing my hair one morning I noticed something different. I freaked, for there right in the middle of my hair was a BALD SPOT!!!! Ahhhhh! It measured about 1.5 inches by 1/4 of an inch. How did I get a BALD SPOT? Upon showing my and then preparing for work, we learned the answer. I went to put on my visor for work and mom stopped me. The back side of the visor is rough from the embroidery of the word Runza. It rubbed my head bald! And I'm not talking just kind of bald, but soft and no hair follicles at all, bald in that spot.

Anywho, that was in January. My bosses are so nice and allowed me to go visor-less until the hair hopefully grew back. And he only called my Baldy for a week;) Now it is April and my hair has decided it isn't too traumatized to sprout...perhaps it is a springtime thing;) Haha!

So now, it looks normal right?:

Until you look up close:) These little hairs don't like to lay down. Right in front of my sunglasses you'll see my little crew cut!
Hehe, I am now back to wearing my visor. I sewed some black satin to the back where the rough embroidery was and I am not wearing it very tight.

Haha, it looks like a little wave on my head. All I need is a little surfer dude up there.

Life is weird!


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  1. Just be glad it's jut from a visor. I do believe I have Grandma Slagle's hair and am none to thrilled about my prospects in aging. My hair is so very thin on top. Yikes!