Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Celebrating 28!

Sunday was my 28th birthday.

My how the time flies...I still feel about 18 and most say I look closer to that age.

I made myself a new dress to wear on my birthday!

Do you like?

I even machine smocked the top!

I was pretty groggy part of the day because of this cute little owl.

The church had a baby shower for Clara and her bebe.
I failed to get started on the owl early and was a late night finishing.

It was a loverly little shower.

I took a nap when we got home. Yay for birthday naps!

Then the kids talked me into playing on the "waterslide" with them:)

It was fun, but man that water was cold.

This picture is for proof of Brenna's height now.

I'm just short...nothing to it!

Dad grilled steaks for supper and then we roasted marshmallows out back:)

Ah, the redheads:)
It was a splendid birthday.

I made my first angel food cake from scratch!

I messed up the first go around and had to start over.

I even added my own sprinkles, blue sprinkles!



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  1. Mmm...homemade angel food cake. Sounds great!