Wednesday, June 01, 2011

He's NINE!

Quinn is NINE! Wow, how the time flies.

What is he chasing after, you may ask?

Well, the gift I ordered for his birthday did not arrive in time for the birthday event.

Soooo...I bought several $1 items at Target and then set up a scavenger hunt for him.
Brenna helped me out.
They had lots of fun!

And check out all his loot:)

He got a Lego spaceship.

And a sorry looking cake (I made it, so I can say so).

It could have been on cake wrecks if someone had paid for it.

I can't even explain.

He had a birthday party the following day with a much better looking cake:)

A green dinosaur.


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  1. Love the words about the cake...some days are like that!