Friday, July 01, 2011

Chores? Babysitting? Exercise?

Hmm, what do you think we are heading off to do.
Dad's foot is indeed broken and will probably require some surgery. Therefore, I will continue on in my "ranch manager" position for a bit longer. Now that Ansel is here...I often have help. The other night I had lots of help. Even took the baby along!

We got the milk cow. Mom and the kids are calling her Noo-war or however you spell black in French:) but dad insists that isn't a "cow name." He calls her Maude, or Bessy or Bertha.

I wasn't sure how this step would go. I have to pour the food for the heifer we are fattening OVER the fence. I did it though, I climbed the fence, baby in tow.

I think the appeal of helping with the chores is the cart ride. Here in lies the point where I am getting my exercise in every day:)

We were even able to pitch the hay.

As you can tell, Brenna's way of helping involved my camera:) We were having a great time, really!

We fed the colts and said hello to Peanut.

I'm loving the time we're having with the part of our family. Travis, Seth and Julia arrive tonight, hurray!

Much fun is in the forecast!



  1. Oh suckola on the surgery bit! Love the pics and see you soon!

  2. It's nice to see you in FRONT of the camera!