Friday, September 02, 2011

A Shooting Adventure

My little bro and sis have been shooting archery this year in 4-H.  A few weeks ago they participated in a 3-D shoot and I was able to go along.   I also got to go down into the trees along Hwy 2:)  You can see the stairs that go down and I've always wanted to see what was below.

 You can't really see it, but Quinn shot this wild boar right through the nose!

Corn is tall stuff.  Can you find Quinn?
 I, of course, made them do silly things so I could take pictures.  We were behind a larger group of archers and so had some time to wait.  Hug the tree!  Brenna is going to take flight!

 The kids did really well, I'm so glad I could go with and watch.

It was lovely to spend time out in creation and enjoy me mum:)

 Just in case they were sure, this note followed the final target animal...

You are done.


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