Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slagles at the State Fair!

State Fair 2011:  Brenna and I did our hair the night before using a quick little trick I found on pinterest.
I know it looks silly, but it makes for some fun curls:)  I failed to take a picture after we took it out and then it melted in the heat and humidity of the day, but we had fun.

I being the photographer of the group, made them pose in front of the welcome sign.  Welcome:)

First off, we went and found the kids' 4-H exhibits.  They did well!

We discovered that Trigger was also located in the 4-H exhibit hall, how fun!

Someone may have been whiney in this building so I made them pose with the goose, ahhh!
We visited the kangaroos, the llamas and the goats.

 And then we went and visited my quilt in the quilt show:)! Yay, for a 5th place ribbon!  I now feel it has gotten enough recognition to move on.  Hehe, I pretended to take a picture of Brenna so that you could see the cute, older men waiting for their wiveys to get done looking at quilts.  We left dad and Quinn out be the other entrance with nachos!

Dad was a good sport most of the time:)
We wandered about the booths while Brenn and Quinn did some educational stuff.

So educational, no?

Watched us some stock dog trials.  Last year we watched them move sheep, I think the sheep were easier than the cattle.

 Can't get away without Hedrick's Racing Pigs!  Our little yellow number 4 won this round!

Hahahahaha, police on bicycles at the state fair, mid-week made me laugh!  Watch out!

The roping event had 800 teams the day we were there and 1000 the following!  Wow, that's a lot of cowboys...also makes me smile.  I like me some cowboy:)  (How about that grammar;)?)
 'Twas a lovely day at the fair with my favorite people...the end.


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  1. LOVE this post. And you need to tell me how to do the curly hair thing. It looks way easier than curlers. "We visited the kangaroos." Hahaha--in Nebraska?!?!?! And your quilt looks AMAZING! You got 5th at state? Congratulations!