Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yesterday was a glorious day of getting things done, being refreshed and encouraged by sweet children and enjoying time to myself.

 I spent the morning with my MOPS kiddos.  It went very well:)  I'm "supposed" to have 4-6 year olds, but we only have 2 children in that age group.  I've had to adjust my plans to include younger kids since we have so many.  Yesterday's class I had 4-2yr olds, 1-3yr old, 4-4yr olds, 1-6yr old and 2 elementary boys as helpers:)  They are all amazing and we had a great time!
 When I got home I ate some lunch and plunged into my to-do list...I love lists:)  I hemmed some pants for my gma, fixed a pair of Brenna's pants, cleaned my bedding (lovely line dried freshness), got pictures ready to submit to the CPPD calendar, started a dress, put my clothes away and...did a little quilt photo shoot!
So Jenny, your quilt top is finished and I ordered the batting and backing fabric:)  I'm excited to get it layered and start the quilting.
I also brought out my denim quilt for some shots!  Love it!


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