Monday, October 31, 2011

A Non-Halloween, Halloween Post

The dress before I tore it apart to use as a pattern.  I tried to dye it, but polyester isn't into dying;)

The dress I made from the aforementioned dress pattern.  I got this fabric during the Junk Jaunt.  Mom calls it my curtain dress...think The Sound of Music play clothes Maria made for the children.
Brenna and I made pillowcase dresses to send to Haiti through the 4-H club.  I had one last pillowcase left over.  I made it into this little dress.  It has an underlay of muslin and then the pink at the bottom.
 This is a wallhanging that I made as a wedding gift for my friend, Jackie.
 Hmmm, I wonder what this could be?!  That my friends is the back of my first t-shirt quilt...machine quilted:)
 I purchased a darning foot, but I wasn't having any luck getting the hang of controlling my stitch length.  And so I simply did the quilting on my treadle machine with the regular presser problem.
Well, no problem until I sewed through my finger!  Notice the two dark dots on my finger.  Those would be the point of entry and exit the needle took.  It broke the end of the needle off in my finger.  My mom is a trooper and woke up to pull it out for me.  I promptly did the fainting thing we Slagle's like to do and oozed onto the small bathroom floor.

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  1. Laughing for so many reasons...sewing through finger (still funny even though I knew you did it)...Sound of Music dress....