Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Girl

Why are their multiple extra girls eating at our table?
 Why am I hanging out in a tree?
 Because, Brenna had a BIRTHDAY!  Can you believe it, she's twelve?!  Yikes.
We had a Sunday afternoon party which included lunch.  Brenna had a costume party and dressed as a rockstar.  We made a microphone pinata, which I am so carefully hanging from the tree:)
 The top of the microphone broke off and soon became a hat for the illustrious rockstar as she opened gifts.  Aren't they lovely girls:)?
 She decorated her own cake too.
 One of the ingenious girls saw our bright orange duct tape and a green present bow as the means of creating this:
 Hehe, I wrapped her gift from me and the fam.
She thought it was something big.  Hahaha.
 I love that she wanted an electronic thesaurus/dictionary.  She's such a peach.
 As an aside, do you like my solution to cold, sweaty feet?  You see, my feet get cold in the winter time but wearing slippers makes them sweaty.  My solution is to wear socks which keep them warm and flip-flops which keep them off the cold floor:)

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  1. Yay for a blog post! Looks like a grand time.

    By the way, Nathan wears socks and flip flops ALL. THE. TIME.