Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fall Patches, of the Pumpkin Variety

Since snow is in the forecast I figured I better hit you all with some fall fun pictures.
 We went to the Scarecrow Patch again this year, LOVE the Scarecrow Patch!! (and my Mom, she's a hoot;))
 This year's addition was a tire, sand tower.
 Pumpkin chunkin' is grand, no?
 Come on, ride the train.
 Hmmm, I haven't grown any taller this year...but Brenna has, I think she has 2 inches on my now.  We should have taken a picture together next to the sign!
 The pumpkins were great this year, sometimes they've started to get rotten.  Aren't those two adorable!?  Since Peter didn't get to go with us, we decided to try out the local "pumpkin patch."
 Quinn tried out the trike track.
 Some of us tried the slide.
 Brenna and I did the corn maze.
 And then we took a picture:)
I think we'll stick with the Scarecrow Patch, LOVE IT!
Happy end of fall, ya'll!


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  1. oh, this is out on the edge of Broken bow! I Ran by there on one of my longer runs when I was out there! I heard it was the new place to go :)

    Looks like fun!