Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Living History and Fun Kid Quotes

Our family made its annual trip to Grand Island for the Stuhr Museum Christmas experience.
I love going to Stuhr Museum!  The last house we stopped out had a lady playing the harp.  I could have spent hours just sitting in the warm house in the candle light listening to "O Holy Night" and other carols coming from her harp.  It was a wonderful night as always.
Hehe, I have a few more kid quotes to share.
The kids were pretending to be Santa, Mrs. Claus, reindeer and elves the other day at Kid's Club.  One came up to me and grabbed me saying:
   "You're going to jail, elf jail!"
  "I'm an elf?"
   He paused and then said, "Yeah, you are just a tall elf!"
Hehe, I'm elf standards;)
I am always drawing pictures for the kids at their request.  Last week I was drawing a castle scene for a 2nd grade girl.  She looked at me in all serious and said:
  "You are like my inspiration.  I want to draw good like you, Miss Alissa."
Melt my heart.  They are so sweet.


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