Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Surprises!

After leaving the capitol building we wanted to go surprise Seth at work.  He did not know we were in L-town.  Finding the location of Seven Seas Tattoo was a bit difficult as all the phonebooks at the capitol building were from 2010:S  Mom finally stopped in at the restaurant where we ate lunch and asked.  I'm sure everyone was amused as she asked where the tattoo parlor was, hmmm;)  With the address found we headed out.
Driving through Lincoln at nearly 5 o'clock and I saw this:
My mother truly loves me, as she pulled over through 2 lanes of one-way traffic so that I could stop at this historical marker!  Thanks, Mom.  The kids and I joyously trotted over for our photo. 
 Hehe, what a fun surprise!

 We did find our destination and burst upon the scene quite raucously, totally surprising Seth:)  Hehe, sorry this is blurry.
 We had a nice chat, saw his work station and got his recommendation for a good burger place downtown.
Good times!


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