Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Oh, The Sports We Do

We aren't much of a sportsy family.  We don't have broadcast television so even to accidentally watch sports doesn't happen.  The kids however, have been doing archery the last two years.  Mom took them to a shoot a few weeks ago.
 They do okay, but aren't the best for practising much.  However, they are two of the few who don't have extra sights and such on their bows putting them in a smaller class.
 So, no matter how high they score they usually get a placing:)
 I went with mom to the state 4-H meet to watch.
 Hehe, I bet we looked funny.  Two crazy ladies at the archery meet sitting and knitting!

 Sunday the kids started another sport...BOWLING!

We were actually at the bowling alley when the Super Bowl started.  They were having trouble figuring out what channel it was on.  I used to at least know who would be playing, but this year I had no clue.  Life goes on!
And now the kids are getting signed up to play soccer in a few weeks.  Sheesh, maybe we are a bit sportsy;)


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