Friday, February 17, 2012

One Man's Junk...My Treasure.

Mom, the kids and I took advantage of the change of plans which happened last Saturday.  I had the day off because of previous plans.  We decided to take a trip to our favorite Junk/Thrift/Antique store, Tiede's Second-Hand and Antiques in Overton.  It proved to be a fruitful time.
We are a family of book lovers.  A lot of our time was spent sifting through the fabulous selection they have there.  I found some George Eliot's that I had yet to pick up.  So old and yummy!
I also found these sweet little note cards.
They were printed in 1952 and it is a full set, none used.
Each card has an attached insert with a Scandinavian cookie recipe.  How fun!
Klejner, anyone?
A surprise find that I came across also is this photograph.  It was hidden among the pages of Romola.

I, of course, searched among the sewing supplies.  I found a bag of zippers, mostly in shades of blue.  I found a bag of thread, with a wide variety of colors.  Several are wooden spools too, which will call for a future project I'm sure.


I also picked up some more double-pointed knitting needles, wide elastic, a bag of bias tape and FABRIC!

I just picked up a few fun ones.
So sweet:)


  1. ok. that's it, time for a trip to Tiede's. I LOVE that place. I forgot to post my finds from my last visit. You scored big time! :)