Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Adventure of Cindie and Alissa

And now, back to our featured program;)
I did indeed find Cindie...right by the Haigler jail.  Haha, atleast she wasn't IN it.
Thankfully, she and I were running on central time and landed at the same time.
Let the marker hunting continue.
We drove on to Benkelman where we planned to leave her car and travel on together.
General Custer was here!
Ward Bond was born the sign because I can't remember who he was:S  Notice I don't look quite ready for the picture.  That is what happens when your timer doesn't work on your camera and you have to use the remote with the shorter timer:P
We decided to chance it with small town cuisine and stopped at The Hangout in Benkelman.  It. Was. An. Experience!  The little Asian lady inside was sooo sweet and sooo funny.  We were there an hour!  The first two-thirds of the building was a large room with video games and couches.  And in the very back was a little "cafe."  The kitchen consisted of a grill with a counter in front of it.  I'll just say you had to be there...and you should go there just for an experience.
Some of the German prisoners of war worked in Dundy County.
This stop was a nice little break to get out and enjoy the lovely weather and the beauty of spring coming on.

There is the mill.

We did a bit of the Sound of Music in their gazebo.
Our next marker was to be found by taking hwy. 61 north out of Imperial.  Well...we went north out of Imperial.
We were driving and chatting, probably for about 30 miles when we saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Colorado!"
What!? How did we end up in COLORADO?!
Hahaha, oops.  We stopped by the "point of interest" sign and took a picture.
And then we returned to "the good life."  Oh, dear.
Near Grant.
Near Madrid.
After this it was back to Benkelman and Cindie's car.
Good friends.  Sadness in parting.  But hey, maybe we could buy this old church and live in it!  Cindie called the bell tower:)

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  1. Whew. She made it! And she would NOT have liked being in that jail. Spiders. ICK.

    I love the pics and the wonderful adventurous story...almost as good as experiencing the adventure with you!! I LOVED spending the day with you. :)