Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Things?

Isn't it awesome when things coincide?!  I was sharing some thoughts about serving and "life goals" recently.  Then, I read this post on the Livesay blog.  It is actually someone else's post as well.I've always had a great desire to be a wife and mother. I want to raise up children who love the Lord, more believers to worship him and point others to him. I consider children a true blessing that we so often squelch and most in America refuse to even have. I've dreamed of a large family, but as I near 30 I see it may not happen how I hoped.
I used to feel so much pressure to do something HUGE and obvious for the Lord, like start an orphanage or raise millions for AIDS relief. I even began a missions training with Child Evangelism Fellowship several years ago.   The person in charge of that program is actually the one who helped me see that I don't have to do "big" things.  Her words, as I was struggling to see what and how I needed to make some heavy choices about the program were key.
I'm now daily seeing the impact I can have for Christ in the little things, right here in "normal life". I work in a fast food restaurant, didn't want to, but here I am 3 years later still there. God has given me so many opportunities at this job. This year I'm sending a thank you/encouragement note everyday to a different person. I have been stunned at the response. People are blessed to know that someone is praying specifically for them and wanting to encourage them.
So, reading this post about the Evangelical Super Hero Complex was a good reaffirmation to my heart.  Thanks, God:)

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