Friday, March 30, 2012


I hosted our monthly Bunco group last night.  It takes some creativity to come up with the prizes anymore.  I want them to be something different and I don't really want to go out of town to find something.  Sooo....
...I made some wallhanging prizes.
I have a pile of 10 x 10 frames from my grandma's shed.  I wrapped each frame with a different fabric and added a picture hanger on the back.
Then came the fun part!  I got the idea from a blog (I think it was on Spoonflower, but now I can't find it:S)  EDIT* I found it!! *  Anywho, I cut freezer paper to 8.5x11, ironed it to some white fabric, cut it out and printed off pictures I'd taken.
I had planned on doing just the picture, but thought it needed a bit more.  So, I found some good but shorter Bible verses and printed them on the fabric too.
I took some coordinating embroidery floss and stitched the pictures and verses onto my fabric canvas.
I think they turned out pretty well!


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