Monday, March 12, 2012

Sew For Me

My first diving into the land of t-shirt quilts was actually starting this one for myself.  I had just begun when requests for some custom order t-shirt quilts came in.  That simply put mine on the back burner.  A few weeks ago, I found myself with my day off and I was NOT in the middle of some other project.  My t-shirt quilt called out from the unfinished project stash under my sewing table.
I love the variety of t-shirts I have collected.  Some of them are from high school, a few from college, work, missions trips...they all hold memories. 
 Because I had so many (I even had to leave some out) my quilt is the biggest of the t-shirt quilts I have made.  It is a full size bed quilt, rather than a twin.  Can you spy any shirt that you too have memories of?  I could tag many friends.

 I finally got a few shots of my completed homemade jeans.  Still didn't get any wearing them, the sun was quickly retreating over the horizon.  So,here they are all alone on the ground.
 The fabric is a very lightweight denim which meant I didn't have a hard time going through thick seams.  I'm excited to try another pair, for this pair was successful!!

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