Monday, March 26, 2012

The Surprise At The End

Upon saying farewell to Cindie in Benkelman, I had quite a drive ahead of me.  About the time that I was getting uber bored I saw this sign just off the road.
I'll be honest, I kept driving...but then I felt spontaneous and I turned around to see what treasures would be found.  I really like old cemeteries, they hold so much.
I wound my little blue car up the hill.
And was very pleasantly surprised by my find.
Makes one wonder who these people were and what were their stories.
It was pretty too, in its own way with all the yucca plants among the tall grass.

The sun was just setting also, which made awesome lighting.

It was a sweet reprieve from the long drive and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
A view at the end of the day...

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  1. The world should pay you money for your craft of beautiful picture taking. Then you could get married and have 11 kids and help provide for your family whilst being a stay-at-home mommy. We should all be so lucky. HUGS!