Monday, April 30, 2012

Forgotten Apron

A few weeks ago as I was going through and organizing my fabric stash, I found this crumpled up among the remnants.
I had forgotten about this unfinished apron that I started long ago.  I was trying to make it from a picture I saw in the Keepsake Quilting catalogue.  I was planning on making it like a quilt, with a binding.  Unfortunately, I had never made inner corner miters.  In my frustration I stuck it back in my stash to finish another time.
I now know how to do such mitering, but found that I didn't quite have enough of the backing to even make that happen.  So, I removed the binding that I had sewn on, and then trimmed off the corners that were all around the apron.
I did a stitch and flip method instead and used the binding fabric to make the ties and neck strap.  Then I did some basic machine quilting to finish it off.
I'm glad that I found it and finished it.

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