Friday, April 27, 2012

Let the fun BEGIN!

Our days in Utah were filled with good times.  Here is day 1:
 Grandma was excited to come along!
 Ansel was excited to wake up and find us still there:)  Love that smile.
 As I look through my pictures from the trip I'm realizing how much we read, hehe.

 Momma's gift from India.

 Siena got a baby carrier for her birthday from Nana and Grandpa.
 We spent the first half of the day doing some cleanup outside.
 Say bye-bye to the ivy.  Isn't the house across the street lovely?!
 They did it!

 Meanwhile, the kids did this:

 And mom and Michelle did some of this:
 Then we went to the children's museum downtown.  I was packing the kleenex for my cold:(

 She loves her Quinnie.


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