Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let Me Sum Up.

I'm giving a short run-down of pictures from the rest of our trip.  I took lots of pictures, but it would take a LONG time to share them all:)  Here are some highlights:

We went to a local park one afternoon.  It was a huge park and there were all walks of people there, doing lots of different things.  A great place to people watch!

We went to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.  Pretty.

 There is a ranch on the island.

 The Slagle women of the trip, minus Grandma.

 I heart them:)
 There are about 600 head of buffalo on the island.

 We hit the library jackpot, bag day at the used book sale!!

 Hogle Zoo.

 Woot, woot!  A historical marker here at the zoo:)

 I'm not the only crazy one...see:
 Can you find Travis and Michelle?!
It was a lovely time with family!


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