Thursday, April 12, 2012

Projects Continue And Easter At Home

I was so excited for a new Craftsy Block of the Month block.  I was pleased to find something new and different on the boards, paper-pieced hexagons.  Thanks to my new found pleasure in sometimes hand sewing, this was a pleasure to do.  This is just the placement of my hexies, I need to take a picture of them nailed down.
 The Farmer's Wife blocks are moving right along as well.
 I love the blue floral print in the last one...a true retro fabric I got from someone else's stash.
 I was able to get another sun bonnet sue quilt basted!  These blocks were made by my great-great grandmother.
I love looking at the fabrics she used. 
 We hosted our family Easter dinner this year.  Since we were needing to be home we went to the sunrise service.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the right time of service.  The service was held out in the middle of a pasture, up on top of the hill.  We parked at the bottom and quickly walked up the hill.  Yeah, we got half-way up and they started driving back down the hill:S
Dad had to work, so it was just me mom and the kids.  We had ourselves an impromptu service along the river before heading to church for breakfast and Sunday school.
 The kids decorated some awesome eggs this year.  They had a lot of fun finding them and I only stepped on one:S
 We were a pretty laid back group, just sitting in the sunshine.

 There were lots of laughs and good times.
 Maybe some wrestling after the soccer game;).
 On a random side note, this is a great book!  Basically, this lady did a bunch of surveys and interviews of men and then compiled the answers.  Wow, very interesting.
You should read it:)

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