Monday, April 02, 2012

Two New Dresses!

My cousin asked about me making her some spring/summer dresses.  I thought I'd give it a try!  First I thought I try to make it for myself, sans pattern and see how it went.
Dress #1
Here is the dress I came up with.  The fabric color was different than I pictured when I ordered it.  It looks a lot like a hospital gown or scrubs:S  The elastic waist needed to be higher as it kept riding up to my natural waistline.
 With it trying to ride up, I also needed to add some length.  I found some coordinating fabric and made some changes.
 Ignore the silly face.  Anywho...I took the elastic out of the waist completely.  It just didn't work with my figure.  I added some length with my coordinating fabric, made one flower and added a simple buttoned belt at the waistline.
I like it much better now.
Dress #2:
So, this has a pleated waist...that was like the elastic waist in the last dress.  It looked TERRIBLE on me!  So, I took a shirt dress that I have and used it as a guide for creating a more fitted dress.  Love it!
 It too needed definition at the waist, so I added a black sash/belt.


  1. I love them!!! Super cute patterns and the changes you made to the green dress are perfect, help is look MUCH better and unique :)

  2. that first dress is lined with the fabric of my skirt you made for me a few years back :)

  3. Those are some really cute dresses. I'm still nervous about trying to sew clothes.