Thursday, May 03, 2012

Down The Pretty Road

Mom and I aren't terribly fond of exercising.  She had a really good idea a few weeks ago.  There is a really pretty back road that we sometimes take home from church.   We decided to drive to the pretty road and walk down it as our exercise.
 For those of you interested, yes that is Brenna walking next to mom.  She is getting so tall!  Quinn has taken an interest in mom's camera and loves to take pictures of everything.  No idea where he gets that from, haha.
 Is it possible to fall in love with a road?! It is so pretty.
 Molly comes too.

 We stopped for a breather.  As you can see it isn't very highly traveled:)
 We walked a good distance this first time.  Mom and the kids stayed where they were in the shade and I walked back to get the van.  Had to pick up the "hitchhikers" on my way by;)

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