Monday, May 07, 2012

May Day Festivities

Mom picked this book up at the Salt Lake City library.
The cover of ours isn't suggestive of its "times past" content.  However, I picked it up and began to peruse.  What an awesome book!  I read many things out loud to mom, among them was the part about May Day.  She got an idea.
Mom and the kids planned out May Day baskets for every house in our little "village."  Don't worry, it is only 34 houses.  The baskets included a flower ready-to-plant and some candies.

 I helped in part of the assemblage.  We rolled paper plates to create the basket.
 Tuesday was a less than ideal day to do our deliveries.  I had to work due to another co-worker being out of the country and mom and the kids had to take Grandma out of town for an unplanned appointment.  I arrived home in the afternoon and shortly after they arrived.  We hopped in the car with the goodies and off we went.
 It was so fun to watch, but it did make me nervous.  I was glad it was those two and not me.  I'm a bit afraid of people and doing things that I don't know what to expect.
 Quinn was quite stealth in his deliveries.  He'd creep up to each house, hang the basked, ring the doorbell or knock and then zip back to the car with amazing speed:)
 Mom even got to deliver one.
 It was fun, and they were "caught" by a few neighbors.  I've told many people when that our town isn't terribly "warm and fuzzy."  There is hope though and we can be the kindness that sparks more.  A few days later we received a card of blessing, simply signed "your neighbors."


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