Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rockets, rockets, rockets.

Our kids group did a rockets project over the last few months.  Last week we finally launched them off.  Mom was our fearless leader for the rocket endeavor.
 The younger girls had other projects, kites and such.  So, they were the peanut gallery for our launch party:)
 We first launched Quinn's HUGE rocket to see how the wind would affect the other, smaller rockets.
 Once again it was too heavy for the launchpad and had to be held in place until lift off.  Mom and Mr. Ogle did a good job;)
 It really was a windy afternoon, but we had success and didn't lose a single rocket.
 We had enough engines to shoot each one off twice, but the assembling of baseball practices all around our group was cause for the end.
Afterwards, a few of us had a nice picnic supper in the park.  I took advantage of the rolling hill and did some rolling...SO FUN!


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