Friday, June 22, 2012

A Few Things

It's June.  My how the months have gone by quickly again this year.  The beginning of the month found my another year older:)
It was a lovely birthday, complete with these gorgeous flowers from my sweet aunt.
I have this dollhouse from my high school interior decorating class.  I purchased the house my best friend and I decorated and gave it to my little sister.  She was a bit too young and so it has been hiding in my closet missing the front porch roof for several years.  My grade on the dollhouse was lower than I would have wished because we didn't do any decorating to the exterior.  The kids and I drug it out of the closet and painted it.  I think it is safe with Brenna now that she is 12!;)
The kids have been doing more archery.  I took a day off to go with them to Grand Island for a 3-D shoot.  Fun times, walking through wooded areas watching them shoot at things!
We were grouped with another girl and traveled through the course with her mother and little sister also.  Jolie and I became buds.  Do you like her leaning tower of sticks?
It was a hot day for such a lengthy outdoor activity...totally called for some Baskin Robbins!
Quinn went to camp last week and Brenna is there this week.  I have had the most trouble with that fact.  I can't believe they are old enough to be away from home that long:(
We went down to Kearney and hung out with some fun, fun family members.  It was wonderful to get to sit and chat the day away!
Beautiful rainbow.

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