Friday, July 27, 2012

This Month In Review

It has been a busy month.
We enjoyed a small 4th of July celebration here at home.  It was too hot to head out to the rodeo and dad and I both had to work the next morning.
 We enjoyed our neighbor's firework display rather than attend the one in town. (The one in town didn't actually happen due to fires)
 Then as the clouds piled and lightning started, I waited for rain...5 whole drops:S  It is DRY!
 We had some lovely visitors.  They made us dinner, it was yummy!
 The kids participated in another archery tournament in the woods.

 I found a giant oak leaf:)
 Mom, the kids and I went on a South Dakota camping adventure with another family.
We went to Carhenge.
 Toadstool Park.
 It is very cool!
 We did a lot of rock hunting.  This stop we searched for agates.
 The food was delicious.
 Wind cave.
 A museum!
 Our second campsite faced this lovely rock wall.  The kids had fun exploring.
 Our site.
 Then we went to Mount Rushmore.  I had never been there.  It was amazing and the lighting ceremony was great too!
 More rock/fossil hunting at a gravel pit.
 Ah, the Badlands.

 I attended my 10 year high school reunion shortly after our trip.  Still don't feel that old:S  It was good to see so many of my classmates.  Shilo was here for a time after the reunion and I'm glad I also got to spend some more time with her and her kiddos.
 I attended a friend's wedding.  It was beautiful!  God was glorified.
 And just last night we watched Brenna style her 4-H project.  She and I worked together to sew this jumper.  I'm so proud of her!
The month isn't even finished.  Tonight I have dear friends spending the night on their way to Colorado.  It was been a few years since I've seen them and I'm sooo excited!
I have been fitting a little sewing in here and there.  I am working on some baby gifts currently.


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