Monday, August 27, 2012

80 Years and Counting

My grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday this past week.  We hosted a party for her along with her cousin Charlotte who turned 75.  Such fun ladies!
 Grandma's sister came for the occasion.  Sisters, sisters...(think Bing Crosby's White Christmas;))
 Here are the party planners...well, all I really did was act as a sounding board for mom and make the pretty cake.
 The little siblings were great help with the punch, nuts and mints.
 Such a young lady.  They love their Grandma:)
 It was a fun party, just ask Ben and John.
 They got lots of fun cards.
 I spent most of the party taking pictures and driving everyone crazy with the click of the camera, right Aunt Beth?
 Lots of people came to celebrate these two ladies.

 Our famous rodeo announcer was present.

 Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ardis! And what a pretty cake, you did an awesome job!