Friday, August 31, 2012

For The Babies

Two of my sweet friends from high school are experiencing the joy of new life.  One had her little guy last month and the other is awaiting hers this month.
I had been wanting to try out this Heirloom Cut Chenille Blanket for months.  Every time I thought about starting one I couldn't find the pattern/website.  I found it just in time to make one for each of my friends.
I asked the girls if they had any color scheme they were planning on using.  The first one is using gray with white polka dots and yellow accents.  Using the yellow flannel in the layering of this blanket made it a nice subtle accent.
The "chenille" is created when you cut 3 of your 4 fabric layers between the quilting and then wash and dry your blanket.  The quilting is on a the bias so your fraying creates this effect.
The second one didn't really want a certain color scheme, just fun rainbows of color.  I decided to try out the Chevron version of this blanket with this fun rainbow zigzag fabric.
I didn't follow the thin lines of the zigzag and so my quilting lines were further apart.  It made for a different feel to the chenille back.  I think it will get softer and fuzzier with more washes.

It was a lovely, fun project and had a great purpose.
I shipped off these blankets to their respective recipients.


  1. Oh my word! I love those!

  2. beautiful work, Alyssa! The blankets are so cute!!!

    Love and miss you :( :(