Thursday, September 20, 2012

Circus, Circus!

The main draw to Kansas City for our trip was the circus.  Mom and the kids went to the last shrine circus in town and felt a true circus experience was needed.
We arrived early enough to go down on the floor and see some acts up close.
Brenna and mom took off below.
This lady wrapped herself up in that piece of fabric several times and then let go causing her to spin to the bottom...very cool.
We got noses!
There was juggling!
A strong man.
Loads of clowns. (I want one of these bikes, by the way)
It was really like a 2 hour musical!  The clowns came out in between bigger acts and while they did "set changes."  And then sometimes the ring master came out and lots of things happened at once while they all sang!
There were tigers, lots of them!
And elephants!

Quinn turned to me in the middle and said, "This is just too amazing!  I could never explain it to someone!"

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