Monday, September 17, 2012

Legoland Adventure!

The Slagle's headed out on a grand adventure this past week.
We were able to start the trip off by spending some time with our Missouri relatives whom we don't see often.  Good times.
Our first official "vacation" stop was do this blue hall.  Hmm.
 The blue hall brought us out to this:  Legoland Discovery Center!!
 Quinn was uber stoked about this stop.  To be honest, so was I:)
 They had a section where they had created several scenes, some were of Kansas City itself, a football stadium, a soccer field, medieval fair, and a Wizard of Oz display.
The Great Oz spoke out of the Emerald City, the witch melted in her castle too.  How cute is this Munchkin Land?!
There was even a tornado that took Dorothy's house up into the air.
 This play area filled with legos was too much for us.
 I had to climb right in:)
 Quinn's creation:
 My creation:
 Brenna's creations:
 There was a 4-D movie theater which showed two different short films throughout the day.
We were these super cool shades and even got a bit wet a few times.
 The race car area was pretty sweet.
 We all rode the Magician ride at the end which involved a lot of peddling.  They also had to confirm that I was atleast 18 and that Brenna was not on this ride:S

 A nice Legoland employee was kind enough to take our family picture.  I was trying to get everyone's head in close enough for a self-portrait and it wasn't working.
 We took a short class where we learned how to build something.
 We then left for some lunch.  We came back afterwards for another round of shooting fun on the first ride, more building, another 4-D film and a stop in the Lego Store!
More adventure to come!


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