Monday, September 24, 2012

Safari Museum!

Have you ever heard of Martin and Osa Johnson?  I hadn't.
I like old books.  One day while perusing the contents of the book sale at our local library I picked up "I Married Adventure."  I had the book quite awhile before I got around to reading it.  Great book!
So, when we decided to head to Kansas for our little trip...The Osa and Martin Johnson Safari Museum made the itinerary!
Upon our arrival in Chanute, KS we stopped first for lunch.  Apparently, on cool rainy days in Chanute people go out and run.  Do ya' think?
On to the museum.
Here is a video with real footage you can watch when you have a chance:)

The museum is located in the old train depot.  Very cool.

We first watched a few films about Osa and Martin.

Mask, anyone?

It was so cool, to get to see and hear more about this famous couple.

I'm so glad my family is willing to jump in and enjoy things with me.
I seriously would recommend the book to anyone.
Next, it was off to Wamego for the night.
Part of the time we "plugged" the kids in;)


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