Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Link To Union Station

What is the best part about a multi-level mall?  The escalator of course!

After partaking in escalator fun, we found 'the Link', a walkway above the streets.
We followed it to Union Station.
We looked out longingly at the rain and prayed it was raining at home...it wasn't.

Union Station was so beautiful!  Check out these ceilings.
There was a Titanic display somewhere in the building, with a few displays out in the main area.  I thought this Lego model of the Titanic AND the iceberg were pretty cool.
Hehe, there was a Rocky Mountain Chocolate store.  I am in the habit of posing with their giant bears when I see them:)

We walked out and looked down on the actual passenger trains that are still running through there.

The downstairs had some equally cool architecture.  We also took in the small Irish museum:)
Elevator fun!

We took 'the Link' back to Legoland, made Quinn's purchase and headed back to the blue level to find our car!
Next, the circus!!


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