Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Road That Lies Between

After our Safari Museum stop we headed to Wamego.  As we traveled through Kansas we had noticed the great number of hedge apple trees.  Mom said if we ever saw one close enough to the road she wanted to pick one.  Hehe, we finally coerced Dad to stop and she got her hedge apple:)
It was a very pretty drive on a smaller road.  Can you see the USA in white stone on the hill?  This was near a lake.
We then came upon this amazing stone fence.  It seemed to go on forever, miles and miles.
We passed a historical marker near the beginning that I'm sure explained it, but Dad didn't want to stop.
Due to all the stone in the hills there were some equally amazing old houses along this road.  I wanted to stop right there and move in!
Ahhh, now we see.  We were traveling the Native Stone Scenic Byway!
Look!  I spy our next destination! be continued.


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