Thursday, October 11, 2012

Faulty Breakers and Blackbeard the Pirate

I read this on the Livesay's blog earlier this week.  It resonated.

"This happens frequently.  

I am restless. 

Some breaker in my brain pops and I'm stuck in a cycle of unproductive worry, and frustration. 

I want things to be fair, neat and tidy.  I want problems to be easily addressed, fixed, and crossed off the list. I want to accomplish something and I want closure. 

If only I were an electrician. I'd just replace that faulty breaker and stop it from popping this way every few months. 

Instead I ask God again to remind me of what matters, to quiet the noise, to flip my switch back into a position of increased peace and trust and patience. I ask Him to remind me that closure will come one day. I ask Him to remind me that apart from His power supply  - I'm just a faulty breaker."

On another note, the Missoula Children's Theater was here last week.
They performed Blackbeard the Pirate using the children of Broken Bow:)
 There were crabs!  Brenna is the tall one in the middle.
 Crocodiles!  Quinn is on the right.
 Beautiful mermaids.
 Adorable little parrots, "Brock!"
 And beach bums!
 It was cute and so fun to watch all of "my" children.
About half of the kids were homeschoolers whom I know and love and the other half were mostly kids from my after school program job.  I loved watching!

 One happy crab!

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