Monday, October 15, 2012

Things of Fall

We at Runza had a contest against the other Runza stores to get people signed up for our Tast-E-Mail club.
Our store won, getting us a pizza party.  We had our party at a local place for fall outings.
There was a hayrack ride.
And there was a corn "maze".  We did not stay in the lines, the short, see-through corn was to tempting.
It was a party of crazies.
Haha, just realized that I'm representing a bit in the next few pictures.  We can't wear our Runza tie-dye summer shirts anymore so it has been demoted to home wear.
On Tuesday mom and dad with my grandma for her angiogram.  I was left with the two hoodlums.
We carved a pumpkin, a big pumpkin from our garden!

See, this is how you do it.
After he took this picture she asked, "Was the knife in the pumpkin when you took that?"
After I saw her face in this picture I understood why she asked.  Hehe, wonder where she gets it?:)

Happy Fall!

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