Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We Love The Scarecrow Patch

I look forward to this day in the fall.  The day when we head to St. Libory to The Scarecrow Patch!
The drive was gorgeous this year with all the trees changing colors.
It was also Junk Jaunt weekend so we were able to make a few stops on the way there and on the way home.  We stopped in Farwell.
Here is the Scarecrow Patch view from inside the corn maze.
There was a sprinkler pole in the middle of the path!
Quinn, the goat whisperer.
Ziplining with finesse.
They had a new "toy" this year, the jumping pillow.  It was a huge tarp buried around the edges with air blowing underneath.  Brenna shows us how it is done.
It was a blast!
We even got mom out there.  Can she do it?

They also had some alpacas.
I had to take a picture of this.  How funny it looks to see so many people across the way bouncing on orange.
Up close and personal with an alpaca.  They were quite interested when I stuck my camera through the fence.

Pumpkin picking time.

Have I grown?!  No, but the kids sure have.
Hehe, this is pretty close to a Historical Marker sign.  It was right on the edge of one of the Junk Jaunt yards.  I already have the marker it refers to, so I thought this was good enough:)
Ahhh, Brenna is going into the scary, moldy space house!!

Do you see who I see?!  That is right, behind the clown is my dear friend Joy!!  They were a wonderful ending to a great day.
They came shortly after we arrived home and made supper.  We let them stay and then sent them on their way.  After a game of Dutch Blitz and Canasta!

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  1. I always look forward to this post every year too! Seriously. I jut love it!