Saturday, December 01, 2012

Celebrating the Whole Week Through, Our Thanksgiving.

Our family hosted Thanksgiving at our house on the day.
Grandma got in some great-grandma time.

Zeke's first Thanksgiving, involved part of a Darth Vader helmet that made him look like a samurai warrior:S
We'll just say that the Darth helmet came out repeatedly, this is the other half!
Kayla, being her crafty self brought the makings of cupcake turkeys for the kiddos.  Siena greatly enjoyed the project AND the candy corns.
Asher didn't directly eat any of the fixings, but Michelle mentioned a bib for the occasion earlier in their stay.  So I made up this bapron, altering it to look like a turkey!
We had some extra guests from farther away on the family tree this year.   It was great to have them with us. The kids enjoyed learning some Nerf shooting techniques from John.  I will say that moments after I shot this picture, I was shot.
Hehe, there is Darth again.

Zeke loved the animals.  Dad took him out to see the entire menagerie.
I caught him in the baby car seat!

Oh look, I was there!

Seth and Julia came Thursday evening, much fun ensued.
Then Friday, my great aunt came up for the afternoon.  Love her much!
Saturday we gathered with my grandma's sister's family for another Thanksgiving celebration.
These gatherings bring out a lot of cowboy hats :)

I brought along the duplo blocks, bit hit!

It was a very good holiday with lots of food, family and great times.  Looking forward to the Christmas season!

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  1. Aw, Lis--I love all these photos! Everyone is growing up so fast--esp your niece and nephews. Beautiful!

    How are YOU doing, my friend???