Friday, December 28, 2012

My Christmas Post

Christmas is over...gone already?
I spent Christmas day at home, sick, on the couch.
So, when I headed back to "normal life" and work on Thursday I did not notice the Christmas tunes.
I still have my Christmas tunes playing in my cd player in the car.  I'll keep it there until I feel Christmas is over.  I feel like I missed it, at least the gathering of families and giving of gifts part.
 I decorated my "space" a bit.
I have a stocking I hang on my door simply for decoration and then I hang all of my Christmas cards around that.  Mom let me use her little tree and its ornaments.
 I also set out the bigger ornaments I received this season that were too big for that little tree.
 Oh, look...I have MORE cards now!  I feel loved.
 I am so grateful to know that Christmas is never over.  I daily give thanks for the birth of the babe in a stable 2000 years ago.  Jesus is my Savior, my Rock, the reason for life.  My relationship with him is so much more than Christmas is every day.

Here is my belated MERRY CHRISTMAS, to you all.


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