Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finish Them Up!

New projects are so easy to begin.
Old ones are so easy to push aside until "later".
I'm trying to get some out of the way.
I made quilts and matching wall hangings for my little brother and sister 6 or 7 years ago.  I once again couldn't throw away the corners cut off when making the half-square triangles.  And so, yes, I've kept the triangles just waiting for something...I guess.
Here is the result of FINALLY creating something with those triangles.
 The funny part is there are two different yellows in the quilt, but I can only see it when I look at a picture :S
Next up is my "Strip Poker" quilt.  We played a version of poker at quilt guild for Christmas.  The challenge was to use the strips of fabric you won and create something.
It works.  I'll be honest, there isn't more than two or three fabrics in it that I would have purchased, but it works.
 This is what I call my "Comedy of Errors" Granny Square quilt.  It truly reflects my creative, sewing style.  You see I had this pattern in one of my quilting magazines and I really like granny square afghans.  I decided to make it, without going to a fabric store.  I was only missing the background fabric, a rather substantial amount of fabric.  I found enough of some white "muslin" lying around.  Oh boy, it is thin stuff.
My blocks ended up being far from square or the right size due to my non perfectionist sewing.
The thin white fabric actually was a good thing as it allowed the squares more stretch.  Yikes, the number of corners I took off.  Anyway, then it was time for the backing.  I didn't have enough of the white so I came up with the crazy, giant granny square on the back, kind of making it a reversible quilt.  I quilted it and then it sat for months and months and months.
It measured in at only 72x72, not really a true bed size.  I hemmed and hawed over whether to just bind it or add to it.  The adding one out and so I added the outer border of larger squares.  That however made the backing and the binding too small.  I then pieced the border on the back and carefully quilted in the needed batting.  Whew, it was more work and time than I expected to finish that border!  The added bonus was I had made the back border big enough to fold over and use as the binding...except in the one spot that it didn't.  Oh, well.

Thanks for listening!


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