Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year's Fun!

So what do you do at Runza when all your tasks are complete and no customers are gracing you with their orders.  Well, Noah made us some appetizers :)
 We had old corn dogs, french fries and a chicken strip, some grilled cheese, leftover Christmas candy and cute little sodas.  Hehe.
 Daddy had another birthday.  The kids made him a GIANT birthday cookie.
 They love it when I use the flash on my camera!  We love Dad!
 We decided to stay home New Year's Eve.  Grandma came over for supper.
 Quinn was excited for the sparkling grape juice.
 Chicken noodle soup was on the menu.  The kids were rallying for China Garden, but they are closed on Mondays.  Boo.
 Mom made caramel popcorn and I brought home a bag full of junk food!
 We played games.
 The cat watched from atop the dirty laundry.
We also watched a movie.

 Quinn, if you take one more picture!
 What a goober.


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