Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Group Project and BOM 2013

Since I'm always working on projects you can guess that other people in our house like to join in on some.  Quinn found my One yard Wonders book and found a project he wanted to try.
 Brenna, being our resident embroiderer was called in to help out as well.  You can tell she is thrilled ;)
 We had fun and it turned out well.  I only had to do one part of the sewing for Quinn.
Look at him go!  Can't show you the finished product because it is a gift.
Can you guess what this is?  A lady from church gave this to us.  Amazingly beautiful, naturally.

 I'm doing another Block of the Month with Craftsy.  It is bit different from last years.  Each month might have multiples of the blocks or just one.  Here are February's blocks.
 And this is March. 


  1. Okay, no fair! Pictures of a "gift" that we can't see and a "guess what this is?" are just mean.

  2. Are you guys incubating it?!?!

    Also, I want to see the thing (the secret gift thing)!