Monday, April 22, 2013

A Family Treasure Found!

I found it.  I really found it.  As I drove closer to Burchard, I came across this old farm spot.
Something just felt right.  So, I got out of the car and began to explore.
I went to where the house would have been first.  Mom said it was a big house and I wanted to see if the place was big enough.
It was.
Here is the view to the northeast from where the back door would have been.
And this is to the east where the yard gate would have been.
This is the garage.  I showed my mom the pictures and she began to cry.  I had found the correct farmstead. I waited to share these pictures so I could scan some pictures of how it used to be.
Here are my grandma and great-grandma in front of the garage windows.
This was a strange little house-like building.  Mom didn't really remember it, but there it is.
Here is the barn.  Mom and her cousin climbed up on the roof once...they got in big trouble.
Here is the other side of the house-like building and the barn beyond it on the left as it was years before.
Further back I found the old shop building.
This is the view of the back of the barn.

I took one last shot of the whole place.  What an awesome experience!
Here is the picture I found of the house.  It burned down after my grandpa sold the farm.
 And here stands my mom, her grandpa and the dogs standing outside the back porch. 

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  1. That's just awesome, Alyssa! I love that you go on these adventures! They are so meaningful. :)