Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Day of Rewarding Markers

Mom and Brenna's conference was not as long the second day.  I also had to figure out how to get a wedding gift to a friend before I could leave Lincoln.  These created a bit more pressure to get on the go and find the markers on my list.
The first one I had actually decided to forego.  I am not the most familiar with driving in Lincoln and didn't relish driving around in it a lot.  But in my quest to get out of Lincoln I happened to drive right by Bryan LGH and spot the marker.  Yay!

It is a beautiful old home!
Sooo, next on my list was Denton and once out of Lincoln I found this wonderful turn onto Denton Rd.  Only problem, 1/4 mile down said road it told me the road was closed :S  Arg.  I decided to press on to Beatrice and try to pick up Denton on my return.
Hurray, I made it!
Drove through Wymore and stopped to take a picture of their old schoolhouse.
Next up, Barneston.  Sorry, Barneston, I didn't actually come into town.  I actually got to this sign quasi-illegally again.  There was a new bridge being put in and they had a light to control the one lane traffic.  I could see all the way across and there were no cars, I waited at the red light and I waited.  Still no cars and my patience was running thin.  I drove through it and found this marker right at the other end of the construction.
I had to then turn around and do it again to head back in the opposite direction to Odell.  I liked the little iron stagecoach someone added at this marker.
There was a lovely extra at the turn off for Diller.  It marks the Oregon Trail!!
The Diller Opera House.

Once again I did some adjusting of plans.  I headed to Fairbury, the farthest out of the day.  I am glad that I researched this one on google.  I had to go 4 miles down a road I would have probably missed.
It was a rewarding drive.  This is an amazing looking limestone house.  Wish I could have gone inside.

There was actually a Lime kiln here.  COOL!
Time to head back towards the big city.


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