Friday, April 19, 2013

History Continues...

The day of marker hunting was still young and next on the list was Steinauer.   I didn't actually have to go into Steinauer, but enjoyed reading its heritage.
After mom and I discussed the fact that the Slagle's were from Tecumseh she discovered I was also headed to her family's stomping grounds, Burchard, NE.  Her grandfather had a farm north west of Burchard and he is also buried in a cemetery further north west of Burchard.  Without any idea of what I was looking for or going to find I headed out to find the cemetery.  What would find out on these white rock roads?
I prayed that I might find the cemetery.  I never met my great grandparents on my mother's side, they died before I was born.  Mom hadn't been down here since he died in 1981 either.  God cares even in the little things.  I found it!
It was just a small little cemetery without a directory.  I enjoyed tramping around looking for my family name.  Check out this poor lady's name...whew, a mouthful!
And then I found them.  And, I cried.  I don't know much about this side of my family.  My grandmother on the Slagle side has shared so much about that side.  It was so neat to see a bit of the other.
And not only were my great grandparents there, but also my great grandmother's parents and also 3 of her siblings!
I took lots of pictures, texted mom that I had found it and then headed out.  My next goal...find grandpa's farm.  It was a long shot and once again I prayed.  I wanted to find it and be able to show my mom.  All I knew is that the house was gone, there were several old out buildings, a barn that you can get on the roof of and that it was a bit closer to Burchard.
So I began driving around and taking pictures of any and all possible locations.
There were vultures on this roof!
And this old house just made me big and so old.
Did I find it?


  1. The suspense is killing me!


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