Monday, April 29, 2013

Marker Trip Wrap Up

I love it when I find extra historical markers along my travels.  This is a Pony Express marker on the road from Fairbury to Jansen.
Hello, Jansen.
It was quite exhausting, all this driving, but also therapeutic.  Just me and the open road.
Something was going on at this beautiful church in Plymouth, a wedding perhaps.
I tried to keep my self calm as to not distract anyone, haha.
This marker was kind of an extra.  It is on the list, but I somehow missed the fact that it was on my route.  Do I look like a swan?
I took a gravel "back road" to get to my next destination.  Along the way I saw some unique looking birds.  See those long legged white things in the water.  I don't know what they are, but I stopped to enjoy the view.
Denton was first on my list for the day, but it became the last.  It was a happening place.  This was at the city park and there were people playing basketball and numerous other things across the street.  They were enjoying the fine, spring weather.
Hehe, this one was a fun shoot out in the road ditch.
I was lucky to get a shot where my face wasn't covered.
I made it back to Lincoln just in time for mom and Brenna to be done.  We grabbed a bite to eat and then stopped to see my great aunt for a few.
Before hitting the road home we stopped at one last Lincoln marker.  Hurray for a fabulous trip!

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